How It Works


Choose Your Caliber

Choose the caliber and the amount of money you would like to invest or enter the quantity you which to purchase. 

Determine Market Value

Using the AmmoInvest app, you can check the market trends for ammunition pricing with the American Ammunition Standard which is a proprietary algorithm created by AmmoInvest that constantly scrapes the ammunition marketplace and calculates the value daily on the AmmoInvest app.


Simply fill in the amount of USD you are interested in investing and enter your payment information. To comply with our KYC (Know Your Customer) protections, we limit each purchase to a maximum of $5000.00. For purchases that exceed these imposed payment limits, please contact Sales Support to work directly with our Customer Service Team. All orders will be charged a 5% service fee to include the shipping, storage, insurance, processing of your order and one year of storage. You will not be charged a Sales Tax because your investment will be delivered and stored in the Great State of Montana.

Secure Your Investment

Upon payment, we will send you a receipt for your purchase and a matching amount of ammunition correlated to your investment are purchased and held in the AmmoInvest Armory located in Montana.


Decide How Much You Want to Sell

Determine Market Value

The market price of each type of round of ammuntion can be found on our app. The market value is determined by our proprietary algorithm called the American Ammunition Standard that constantly scrapes the Ammo marketplace and calculates the value daily on our apo. Submit your order request to sell your Ammo and we will initiate the process of looking for an investor to purchase your investment at its stated value.

Get Your Summary

AmmoInvest will send you a summary of the sale including our 2.5% service charge.  

Settle the Sale

AmmoInvest will settle the sale of the Ammo after locating a new buyer and to process your refund.