Shipping, Storage and Sales Tax Policy

Last Updated: June 12, 2024


All AmmoInvest ammunition purchases are automatically shipped to our secure facility in Montana, without exception.

Shipping and Storage:

The AmmoInvest 5% Service Fee includes shipping to our facility as well as storage for one year in our secure facility in Montana. We anticipate instituting “Storage Fees” after the first year of storage and reserve the right to do so with proper notice.

Shipping to Our Customer Limitations:

Under our Terms and Conditions, we are UNABLE to ship the ammunition to our customer under any circumstance. AmmoInvest purchases and stores the ammunition on behalf of its customers with an understanding the ammunition will NEVER be shipped to them for their personal use.


The State of Montana does not have a sales tax, so we do not charge the customer tax when purchasing AmmoInvest passing the savings on to our customers. AmmoInvest purchases the ammunition, and ships it to our secure facility in Bozeman, Montana.