Prohibited & Conditional Use Policy

Prohibited & Conditional Use Policy Effective Date: July 3, 2024

This policy is crucial for maintaining the security of our ecosystem and pertains to your AmmoInvest Account, as well as your usage of, AmmoInvest APIs, the AmmoInvest mobile apps, or any other AmmoInvest website collectively referred to as the “AmmoInvest Site.” For additional details, please refer to our User Agreement. If you have any inquiries about the applicability of these requirements to your situation, do not hesitate to contact us at

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Prohibited Activities

Your AmmoInvest Account must not be used for engaging in the following types of activities:

  1. Unlawful Activity: Any activity that would contravene or assist in contravening the laws, statutes, ordinances, regulations, or sanctions programs established in the countries where AmmoInvest conducts its business, including compliance with the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”). This includes activities associated with the proceeds of unlawful activities or the dissemination of unlawful material or information.
  2. Abusive Activity: Actions that unreasonably or disproportionately strain our infrastructure, disrupt, intercept, or appropriate any system, data, or information, or transmit/upload materials to the AmmoInvest Site containing harmful or deleterious programs (e.g., viruses, trojan horses, worms). It also includes attempting to gain unauthorized access to the AmmoInvest Site or related AmmoInvest Accounts, computer systems, or networks, or using another party’s AmmoInvest Account information without proper authorization.
  3. Abuse of Other Users: Interfering with another individual’s or entity’s access to or usage of any AmmoInvest Services. It also entails defaming, abusing, extorting, harassing, stalking, threatening, or otherwise infringing on the legal rights of others. This includes the harvesting of information from the AmmoInvest Site about others without their consent.
  4. Fraud: Engaging in activities that aim to defraud AmmoInvest, AmmoInvest users, or any other person. This includes providing false, inaccurate, or misleading information to AmmoInvest.
  5. Unlawful Gambling: Activities such as lotteries, bidding fee auctions, sports forecasting or odds making, fantasy sports leagues with cash prizes, internet gaming, contests, sweepstakes, or games of chance that lack authorization from a governmental body or regulatory authority.
  6. Intellectual Property Infringement: Participating in transactions involving items that infringe or violate copyrights, trademarks, rights of publicity or privacy, or any other proprietary rights under the law. This encompasses sales, distribution, or access to counterfeit music, movies, software, or other licensed materials without proper authorization from the rights holder. Additionally, using AmmoInvest intellectual property, name, or logo without explicit consent from AmmoInvest or in a manner that harms AmmoInvest or its brand is prohibited.

Prohibited Businesses

In addition to the Prohibited Uses outlined above, the following categories of businesses, business practices, and sale items are restricted from utilizing AmmoInvest Services (“Prohibited Businesses”). These restrictions are primarily imposed by card network regulations or the requisites of our banking providers or processors. By using AmmoInvest Services, you confirm that you will not engage in any of the following:

  1. Investment and Credit Services: This category includes securities brokers, mortgage consulting or debt reduction services, credit counseling or repair, real estate opportunities, and investment schemes.
  2. Restricted Financial Services: Activities like check cashing and bail bonds, as well as collections agencies, are prohibited.
  3. Intellectual Property or Proprietary Rights Infringement: Sales, distribution, or access to counterfeit music, movies, software, or other licensed materials without the appropriate authorization from the rights holder are not allowed.
  4. Counterfeit or Unauthorized Goods: Unauthorized sale or resale of brand name or designer products or services, as well as the sale of goods or services that are illegally imported, exported, or stolen, are prohibited.
  5. Regulated Products and Services: This category encompasses businesses related to marijuana dispensaries and related activities, sale of tobacco, e-cigarettes, and e-liquid, online prescription or pharmaceutical services, age-restricted goods or services, weapons and munitions, gunpowder and other explosives, fireworks and related goods, toxic, flammable, and radioactive materials, and products and services subject to varying legal statuses on a state-by-state basis.
  6. Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia: Sale of narcotics, controlled substances, and equipment designed for making or using drugs, such as bongs, vaporizers, and hookahs.
  7. Pseudo-Pharmaceuticals: Engaging in the sale of pharmaceuticals and other products making unverified health claims without the appropriate local and/or national regulatory approval is not allowed.
  8. Substances Designed to Mimic Illegal Drugs: This involves the sale of legal substances that produce the same effects as illegal drugs (e.g., salvia, kratom).
  9. Adult Content and Services: Prohibited activities include pornography and other obscene materials, sites offering sexually-related services such as prostitution, escorts, pay-per-view, adult live chat features.
  10. Multi-level Marketing: This encompasses pyramid schemes, network marketing, and referral marketing programs.
  11. Unfair, Predatory, or Deceptive Practices: Businesses or services that promise high rewards, resale of a service without added benefit to the buyer, resale of government offerings without authorization or added value, or sites that BulletInvest deems to be unfair, deceptive, or predatory towards consumers, are not permitted.
  12. High-Risk Businesses: Any business perceived to pose elevated financial risk, legal liability, or violations of card network rules or bank policies is prohibited.

While the above-listed types of use are representative, they are not exhaustive. If you are uncertain about whether your use of AmmoInvest involves a Prohibited Use or Prohibited Business, or if you have questions regarding the applicability of these requirements to your situation, please reach out to

Categories Requiring Express Written Consent

For certain categories of business or use, you must obtain express written consent and approval from AmmoInvest before utilizing AmmoInvest Services. You may request consent by contacting us at AmmoInvest may impose additional conditions, require additional representations and warranties, mandate enhanced onboarding procedures, and subject you to restrictions. These categories include:

  1. Money Services: Money transmitters, digital currency transmitters, currency or digital currency exchanges or dealers, and businesses involved in the sale or exchange of gift cards, prepaid cards, and/or in-game currency (unless the business operates the virtual world).
  2. Charities: Acceptance of donations for nonprofit enterprises.
  3. Games of Skill: Games that do not qualify as gambling under our User Agreement or by law but require an entry fee and offer a prize.
  4. Religious/Spiritual Organizations: Operation of a for-profit religious or spiritual organization.

If your business or use falls into one of these categories, it is essential to follow the proper procedures and seek approval from AmmoInvest.

For further inquiries or assistance in understanding how these requirements apply to your specific situation, please contact us.