Fee Structure

Revised: May 21, 2024

Fee Structure/Credit/Refund/Return Policy:

Our return/credit policy is designed to be transparent and customer friendly.

Fee Structure:

  • We apply a 5% fee on the purchase of AmmoInvest, which includes shipping to our secure facility in Bozeman, Montana, and storage for one year.
  • We apply a 2.5% fee on the sale of AmmoInvest in your account.
  • We charge a 3% credit card fee for purchases made on AmmoInvest
  • After one year, an annual fee of 1% will be charged for ongoing storage and management of your ammunition inventory.
  • ACH payments. We expect to add the option of ACH payments to stock your credit account to avoid the credit card fee. When this is added, we reserve the right to charge any associated fees.

Account Credit on Future Purchase:

To sell the AmmoInvest in your account, simply click the “Sell” button and confirm the sale to receive account credit promptly. This credit can be conveniently utilized for your future AmmoInvest purchases.


For those seeking a refund to the original payment method:

  • Transactions older than 90 days may receive a physical refund check or arrange for a wire transfer.
  • We request a 30-day window to resell your AmmoInvest to another customer before processing a refund. If, after 30 days, we are unable to resell your AmmoInvest, you can request the funds become credits in your account, or you can grant us additional time to find another customer.
  • AmmoInvest WILL NOT send your AmmoInvest product to you.  It will only be available for sale to a future AmmoInvest customer.
  • Contact our dedicated customer service team for assistance in selecting the best option for your needs at customerservice@AmmoInvest.com